Nov 15: SketchUp

Quiz today ( Nov 15 )


  • Illustrator
  • HTML and CSS
  • InDesign

Due today: InDesign "Series of Steps" assignment

SketchUp Assignment

Use SketchUp's to create a 3d model of your home (or some other building, if you wish). Use textures (materials) on surfaces. You must create and use at least two materials yourself. Use the "text" tool to create callout arrows pointing to the textures you have used.

You may use components from the 3D warehouse only as secondary features. Upload to

Due by 6 pm , Nov 21. Submit: upload to class web site. Filename: YOURLASTNAME_Assignment9.skp

Formatting for Usability Assignment

Needs to be done in InDesign.

Margins a minimum of 1 inch left and right.

Use a leading value of twice your body text point size.

Title page: Title of essay, your name, your student number, instructor's name, course name and number, due date.

Pages need to be numbered. Use a header with the title of the essay in it, and your name. Use master pages.

You must use paragraph styles for all content.

Cite the name of the web site on a separate page titled "Works Cited."

Use the MLA format for the citation of the web site. List any other references in the "Works Cited" page. Follow the MLA style exactly; you must also include the URL for any web sites. (URLs are optional in MLA style, but I am requiring you to include them. BibMe is a good OK resource for generating references.

Upload to class web site, both PDF and InDesign File, 6:00 pm Dec 5. Name your files YOURLASTNAME_Review.pdf and YOURLASTNAME_Review.indd.

Remember that this is the date for the final version - you still need to submit a rough draft beforehand.


SketchUp is available as a free download for Macs and PCs.

Note that SketchUp Pro, as opposed to SketchUp Make, is not free, and the download for SketchUp Pro is a time-limited demo. The free of demoSketchUp Pro will revert to SketchUp Make after 30 days.

Using the "offset" filter in Photoshop to create seamless textures.

Models, tutorials and help documentation is available at the the Google 3D Warehouse.

A quick reference card explaining the tools is available for download.

SketchUp Help

The most important thing to remember about SketchUp: if you don't want something you draw have other things stick to it (and possibly make a mess of your model) group elements (or make them components) as you draw them.

The help center for SketchUp.

More 3D options

Blender. Free, but fairly complex.

Inventor Fusion (for Mac). Free, well suited to product design and engineering.